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Carbon 350 is a newsletter of ideas, insight, and imagination for solving the climate crisis. Yes, we can solve climate change. Carbon 350 shows us how.

Climate change is a complex problem, and the complexity is made worse by a confusing array of ideologically-driven positions taken by people on the right and the left. On the right, you have libertarians who deny climate change because they are afraid of losing their liberty. On the left, you have progressives claiming that capitalism has to die, consumption must shrink by 70%, the economy must degrow, and socialism should rule the world. In the middle, you have corporations greenwashing their activities in a pretend change no one believes, and a whole lot of regular people confused about what climate change really means. Carbon 350 is here to cut through the noise, clarify the challenge, redefine the debate, and declare real doable solutions.

What everyone seems to be missing is one key fact: to solve climate change, all we have to do is take the carbon out of the air. Hence, Carbon 350 has a simple mission: Focus precisely on reducing atmospheric carbon to 350 ppm, as per the guidelines of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), and stay healthy doing it. Reaching carbon 350 means two things--stop emitting carbon and pulling existing carbon out of the air. Staying healthy means maintaining hope and resisting the doomer dialogs that surround us. Carbon 350 is your partner in that effort. We need your help to accomplish the goals.

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Exploring What Will Work to Solve the Climate Crisis and Staying Healthy in the Meantime


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