Introducing Intertwine

Intertwine is a newsletter of ideas, insight, and imagination for living better in a worsening world. We face so many challenges in the outer world—climate change, COVID, racial justice, #MeToo, and the disruption of our economic lives. But we also face inner challenges: a lack of creativity, facing the inner desert, emotional distance, and alienation from ourselves.

People often think that these are not related, but I do not accept that notion. Our collective inability to confront outer world problems stem directly from our own inner alienation. And vice versa. The two are tied together, which is to say, Intertwined.

Everything on Intertwine leans toward inner and outer dimensions. All articles resist ideology and boring thought. Nonetheless, topics are sorted into sections for ease of use (you can unsubscribe from a section while getting the rest of Intertwine, if you like.)

Intertwine key sub-sections:

  • The Postcapitalist: Explores the future postcapitalist society

  • Eloquence of the Heart: Developing a language of emotion geared toward men

  • Weekly listing of all my essays, wherever published

At its core, Intertwine seeks to discover the future of who we are, how we will act, what we will do to contribute to this world of ours. It is for people who want to think more deeply and feel more richly in their experience of the world. It promotes the intersection of thought and feeling, inner and outer, preferring neither over the other, in recognition that both are essential to living well in a simultaneously complex, confusing, beautiful, incredible, disturbing world.

I will bring to you perspectives that you never considered, ideas that will change your mind, and creativity that will move your heart and soul. In my wildest dreams, you will challenge me back.

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I intend Intertwine to facilitate good conversation—the kind that is thoughtful and insightful, the kind in which all parties are open to learning from each other, whether or not they ultimately come to agreement. The insights and perspectives will be fresh, the poems rich, the feelings strong. For my readers, I hope Intertwine will open life a little more and facilitate for you, in that great phrase of Joseph Campbell, “the experience of the rapture of being alive.”

About Anthony Signorelli

One of my first book drafts, written in the 1990s, was called The Reluctant CEO. Little did I know how much that phrase would characterize my life.

Yes, I have been a businessman—an entrepreneur and consultant to the largest sales organizations in the world—most of my adult life. Through all of it, I was more interested in climate change than ROI, more fascinated by Jungian psychology than that latest sales process, more moved by rich poetry than HR problems. My time was reluctantly spent in business, but my heart was in the creative movement of the heart and making the world a better place.

But that’s business. I’ve been involved in men’s work since 1982, including most recently the convening of men’s discussion groups in the wake of #MeToo. I started writing poetry in 1987, published and edited Inroads: A Journal of the Male Soul for five years, and served for two years as the poetry editor of Holy Cow! Press in Duluth, MN, while living on my first organic farmstead into early 1994. My interest in climate came from a love of nature, canoeing, animals, plants, and farming. I read widely and wrote many essays.

Today, these experiences have collided into two major projects, and one minor one.

The first is an exploration of the future world I call postcapitalism. My writing explores why we are likely to leave capitalism behind and show that doing so presents us with enormous opportunities to solve climate change, injustice, COVID, and more. One book is out on this, and another is in near-final draft.

The second project is aimed at offering an Eloquence of the Heart as a contribution to the healing men from the behaviors known as #MeToo behaviors. My first work here was called Consent Is Not Enough, but the Eloquence of the Heart is more compelling as a healing tool.

The third project is aligned with my own concerns right now: How to finish the plan for retirement after a topsy-turvey business career. Given the world we are in, there is a need to surpass the conventional considerations, and I am exploring those in my writing.

Although it may seem eclectic, all these things are connected. That’s what we explore in Intertwine, and that’s what I hope to discuss with you.

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Anthony Signorelli
Author. Intensely curious. Non-ideological. I write to discover, and I publish to share my discoveries. Providing perspectives that intrigue. Going deep. Get Intertwine for free and see what I mean.