""We are letting every issue we have with capitalism, every injustice, and every problem in the world overwhelm the actually critical work of dealing with carbon. ""

Exactly. You've put into words what I've been feeling. We need to focus. We can't become distracted by other important problems, urgent as they may be.

Thanks for your clarity.

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"Transition the energy sector to all renewable energy, then extract and store carbon from the atmosphere, and you solve the problem, whether or not you meet all these social justice goals." This a blind spot that many people speaking about the approaching challenges have yet to understand in how the system is interrelated. Energy/ economy/ human population are all highly correlated at nearly 1:1:1. And there are material limits to the scale of rebuildable energy infrastructure that is possible. In hoping for a seamless electrification of everything and transition to 100% rebuildable energy as fossil Carbon leaves us by decision and depletion, we are going to come up way short. Things will be much smaller and simpler again in the near future. We will need a whole new way of organizing society to equitably share what surplus can remain and maintain social cohesion.

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