Apr 24, 2023Liked by Anthony Signorelli

Thank you for this concise and practical article. I recently signed up for the green power program in Austin, Texas. It is from 100% wind and solar. It actually costs a tiny bit more but worth it to go renewable.

So far I’ve been lowering carbon by minimizing my use but will switch to renewables for all of it as quickly as I can.

I will replace current natural gas appliances as I’m able to. I had planned on doing it as the current ones died but will do it much earlier than that since we’re on a shorter timeline than we knew. It will actually be costly for my budget at about $1000 per item. Water heater, stove, dryer.

For A/C and furnace I will have to get a quote to know how much that will cost to replace. I already have low utility bills because I don’t use much compared to others, so I don’t expect it to pay for itself for quite a while but that’s not the point for me. I would love solar panels but have too much shade.

I didn’t think I could afford an EV but will look at what the options are. I don’t drive much so I won’t have as much savings as you got. I spend about $100 a month currently.

I’m intrigued about the idea to find a job in the industry. I’m an office manager and bookkeeper.

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