Today, we installed solar panels on our home and I'm hoping it's enough to take us completely off the grid. I'm excited to take the first step of many. I agree that the utility companies need to move to non polluting sources so more people can participate this way.

Thanks, as always, for your thoughtful essays. You always take a balanced approach and I appreciate that.

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Great subject; Thanks again for insights. I agree 100% except I'd add to the part

about "Attitude". Climate is in crisis. It is an existential threat. I'm positive.

But this threat (IMHO) doesn't only freeze people in place because it is so scary/overwhelming. I think it's also because neither extreme (left or right) understand the issue. And the majority are quietly listening and often misdiagnosing the problem as a result (and therefore the "urgency").**

On the right - they think we want "cleaner air" while we've been improving AQI since the 70s. Bottom-line: they fear government control freaks.

On the left - they think there's good guys vs bad guys (workers vs greedy industrial corporations). I call them "pitch forkers" after the French Revolution days. And the right-leaners get defensive and it verifies their paranoia about "control freaks."

** They're misdiagnosing (IMHO) because they're missing "how we got here in the first place" which our side never seems to address. EG was my grandfather "EVIL" for driving internal combusion engine or his wife for using a gas stove?

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